5 Tips For Taking Your Rabbit Outside

Everybody needs fresh air! And while an open window is nice, it’s even better to be outside (weather permitting). Animals benefit from fresh air, vitamin D from the sun and just being in nature, just like humans do. Rabbits are very curious creatures, so giving them opportunities to explore the outside world is really good for their overall happiness!

Here are 5 tips for optimizing your house rabbit’s play time outside:

  1. Make sure the weather is not too hot or cold for your rabbit. Rabbits are very sensitive to extreme weather. Generally, over 85 degrees (approximately 27 degrees Celsius) is too hot for your rabbit. Make sure your bun has plenty of shade and keep an eye on his breathing - if his breathing gets very fast, he’s too hot and should go back inside where he can cool off in the AC or with a fan. Also make sure your bun has access to water while playing outside.

  2. Don’t leave your bun unattended. There are many dangers - from your rabbit wandering off to loose dogs or hunting hawks. Make sure your rabbit is safe during outside playtime! This may mean using a pen with a cover (see our list of supplies for pen suggestions). A pen may not necessary if you have a fenced in yard, but you still want to beware of hawks.

  3. Plant an herb garden with safe herbs and veggies for your bun, then let her loose on the herbs. She will love you for it!

  4. Take a blanket outside and lay on the ground with your rabbit and bond with him; you might get climbed on and receive some kisses as he explores! Even 15 minutes outside is beneficial for both you and your bun.

  5. Not convinced your rabbit won’t bolt at the first sight of freedom? You can always get a harness and leash for your bun so that she stays safe, and you have your peace of mind!

I hope this list is helpful! Have a question? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!