Bun Play

Toys for your rabbit and how to play with your rabbit

"A bored bunny is a bad bunny," is probably some of the wisest advice ever given about pet rabbits. By nature, most rabbits like to chew, dig and just play. Below are some recommendations for keeping your bunny entertained. One of the best things you can do for your bunny is to give him time to run around every day - 3-4 hours is ideal. 


  • Grass mat

  • Grass woven balls

  • Plastic children's toy keys*

  • Plastic slinky*

  • Plastic laundry detergent cap (cleaned thoroughly)*

  • Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls with hay stuffed in them

  • Phone book (great for them to chew on, the pages are printed with vegetable dye and will not harm your bunny)

  • Old soda or shipping boxes

  • Untreated wooden toys

  • Tunnel*

    • A concrete form also makes a fun tunnel

*Plastic or fabric items only if your bunny doesn't try to eat them! 

Digging & Foraging
Some rabbits like to dig and forage; one way you can provide them with a safe digging area is by cutting a hole in the side of a cardboard box and filling it with shredded paper. Throw a few treats in there, and you will have a very happy bunny. 

Playing & Interacting With Humans
Some bunnies love to play hide and seek. It goes something like this: human runs into the next room and hides around the corner, bunny comes running in a few seconds later, finds human, human says, "You found me!", and bunny runs into the next room and hides until I find him. This can go back and forth until one of you has had enough. Rabbits are very smart!

One of the best ways you can interact with your rabbit is by getting down on the floor with him. He will eventually come up to check you out, hop all over over you, 'chin' you and maybe even give you some kisses! This is the best way to bond with your rabbit. Many rabbits like to lay near their humans or even cuddle with them! 

Rabbits With Dogs & Cats
Rabbits will get along with dogs and cats as long as the dogs and cats are friendly toward them. Keep in mind that a simple cat bite can kill a bunny because their saliva has toxins in it, so make sure your kitty is not aggressive toward your bunny and that your bunny's playtime with other animals is supervised.