Pet Rabbit Facts

  • Rabbits are affectionate and playful animals

  • Rabbits are very social and enjoy having another rabbit to play and cuddle with

  • Rabbits can be and should be neutered/spayed to ensure longer life and reduce hormonal behavior

  • Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box once they are fixed

  • Once fixed and litter trained, rabbits can be free roaming after some bunny proofing

  • Rabbits enjoy interacting with their human family and should be given attention every day

  • Rabbits are very smart and can be trained

  • Rabbits are clean and quiet

  • Rabbits are most active in the morning and evening and tend to nap throughout the afternoon

  • Rabbits can live to be 10-13 years old

  • Rabbits need at least 4 hours of exercise a day; they cannot be at their best health kept in a cage all the time

  • Rabbits startle easily and can die of fright

  • Rabbits do not like sudden movements and loud noises

  • Rabbits do not make good pets for very young children; they require daily care from a responsible adult

  • Rabbits generally do not like to be picked up

  • A proper diet is extremely important for rabbits

  • Rabbits require a physical examination by a rabbit savvy vet 1-2 times a year

  • Rabbits need to have their nails trimmed regularly

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