Bunny Doctors

finding a rabbit savvy vet

Not all veterinarians are rabbit savvy, so it's important to choose a vet that understands how to best care for rabbits. Rabbits are very different from dogs or cats and are considered to be exotic pets by vets. The right vet will know exactly how to prevent health issues for your rabbit and will also be able to detect any potential problems early. Having the right vet will prevent you from wasting your money on incorrect care or advice from veterinarians who don't know rabbits. 

When trying to find the right vet for your bunny, you can ask the vet these questions:

  • Do you treat exotic animals? If so, what kind of experience do you have with pet rabbits?

  • How often do you see rabbit patients?

  • Do you treat primarily stock (raised for breeding, meat or 4-H) or pet rabbits?

    • Knowing this will help you determine how your vet approaches rabbit care

  • Do you regularly spay/neuter rabbits?

  • Have you ever had a pet rabbit?

  • What kind of diet do you recommend for a rabbit?

    • Their advice should match up with what is recommended here

  • What kind of antibiotics would you prescribe for a sick rabbit?

    • Amoxicillin, lincomycin, clindamycin and oral penicillin are all harmful to rabbits

All Things Rabbits doesn't have a database of rabbit savvy vets yet, but if you are a bunny vet or have a vet in your area that you would recommend for rabbit owners, please send us your recommendation (be sure to include the vet's website and vet name). If your vet checks out, we will add them to our database, which will eventually be listed on this page.

While we build our database, the House Rabbit Society has a great list of rabbit-savvy vets both inside and outside the U.S. 

A healthy bun is a happy bun.

A healthy bun is a happy bun.